Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moving On

I was hoping to finish my FMQ quilt this week -- AKA "The Rat's Nest" but I decided to take a break from removing stitches and start some other projects.  I finished piecing together the 36 squares I cut for my "Chevron Quilt" and started cutting pieces for a quilt for my son.

Chevron Quilt...

I had imagined this would be a quick and easy project, and while it hasn't been too difficult, it has taken longer than I expected (I've been following the tutorial here).  Once I laid the pieces out I realized why it seemed to be taking so long -- it is much larger than I had envisioned! (Excuse the bad pictures -- they were taken with my phone at night-- for a better idea of the fabric click here)

I am hoping to have the top pieced together by the end of the weekend... but that might be a lofty goal. 

And the beginnings of a quilt for my son...

This weekend my son got his first big boy bed and kept asking if we could sew a blanket for his new bed.  So... as we were prepping his room for the arrival of his new bed, I was going through some of his old favorite shirts... and an idea that will save me some money on new fabric occured to me:

And although he wasn't too happy about me cutting his favorite shirts up (he didn't seem to understand that he has out grown them)... he was excited about the start of his new blanket.  So far, all I have done is a bit of cutting:  

I am thinking I will do a solid border of sorts around each piece... hopefully by Friday I will have a couple blocks done (or atleast a plan of attack) and I might use some of his old toddler bed sheets for the back.  I am hoping to avoid buying any new fabric... for now... :) 

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  1. It looks like you've got a log of fun projects going on! I love your chevrons - it does look huge! Good luck on it!

  2. This is a great idea! That "be green" shirt is a favourite of my sons as well, and soon it will be too small for the little one. But that is a way to hang on to it!

  3. The chevrons look great....and huge!
    The T shirt quilt is going to be a fantastic quilt for your son's bed.

  4. Oh how I love chevrons am keen to try one of those but need to get a whole lot of other stuff finished first.

    I am in the process of making a quilt for son and daughter but progress is painfully slow. It is hard not to give in to fabric temptation. His quilt will be extra special though! xxx

  5. Fab projects you have going on. I love the t-shirt quilts.

  6. The chevron looks great. Fantastic idea to use your son's older T-shirts and turn them into his first big boy quilt. He will love it.

  7. Such a cute idea to use the t-shirts. He's gonna love it!