Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some Progress

Over the course of the weekend, I managed to finish all the blocks for Eli's quilt.  I remembered immediately after starting how much I hated that particular cream fabric.  I think the color is nice... but it is such a pain to work with... but I was lazy and decided to use it for his quilt because I had a bunch already cut at 4" wide.

As I fought with the slippery fabric, I realized I was really in for it if I decided to use the grey fabric I was originally intending on using.  The fabric is a sheet... and it's slippery.  So... gosh darn it... I headed to the fabric store with my partner in crime.

As you can see, Eli is quite proud of this quilt so far.  After he requested his picture to be taken with the blocks, I decided he should have a little more input on the sashing and backing.  Knowing he certainly wouldn't pick grey... I asked him what his favorite color is... "just stripes".  Unfortunately, we didn't find any good stripes... and I did veto a few of his fabric choices... but for the solid sashing on the front he chose a nice yellow and for the back he picked an interesting polka dot combo.

I think for the binding I will use the leftover scraps from his t-shirts and make a scrappy binding.  I think this quilt will really capture who Eli is... the straight conservative blocks (give him a choice of noodles and no matter how fun the choices... he chooses spaghetti noodles) with a burst of sunshine  and silliness.

I hope to at least get the sashing cut tonight -- maybe even finish the top... and someday soon I am going to tackle this beast and it's issues again.

Oh and the 36 triangle blocks sitting on my table.

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  1. So cute! I just did a big quilt with vintage sheets, and know exactly what you mean about slippery! Best of luck! Your son will love it no matter what!